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For Event Organizers

FitPlanet is dedicated to helping you produce and promote environmentally responsible events. We have three ways we do this:

  1. Take our Pledge of Sustainability (see below) and get your race listed in the Green Events Calendar,
  2. Let us provide customized Consulting Services,
  3. Use our Green Business Pages for your race supplies and materials.

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Pledge of Sustainability

The Pledge of Sustainability is a cost-effective solution that provides formal, public recognition for your greening efforts.

Here's how it works...

Step 1. Take the Pledge of Sustainability

Pledge to implement a minimum of 10 eco-practices from the list of Pledge options. The cost is $150 per event.

  • The rights to use the Pledge of Sustainability logo for your website(s) and in your marketing materials to promote your event.
  • Listing of your event(s) in the FitPlanet Green Events Calendar.
  • Listing of your organization on the FitPlanet Green Partners page
  • 5% discounts on all FitPlanet consulting services

Step 2. Verify your Pledge of Sustainability

After your event, send us documentation (photos, emails, descriptions, etc.) to prove you did what you pledged. FitPlanet will review the documentation and send you a confirmation email letting you know that we have verified your event. We'll update your listing on the FitPlanet Green Events Calendar and provide you with a verified Pledge of Sustainability logo for use on your website, in press releases, and in marketing materials.

Step 3. Re-Pledge for next year's event

You can re-Pledge an event at any time for a cost of just $100. FitPlanet encourages you to increase the number of initiatives you Pledge.

Step 4. Start the Journey

Get Started now by taking the Pledge of Sustainability.

Have questions or need more information? Please contact FitPlanet's Chief Green Officer Bruce Rayner at or 508-429-0976.


Customized Consulting Services

FitPlanet provides cost-effective, customized environmental consulting to events of all sizes. We have a proven track record of helping implement green practices that not only enhance your event but help you save time and money. We focus on five areas:

  • REDUCING YOUR WASTE FOOTPRINT. Introduce practices to reduce and divert waste from landfill by implementing a comprehensive reuse, recycling and composting programs.
  • REDUCING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. Encourage alternate transport and energy reduction initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer options for offsetting emissions.
  • REDUCING YOUR WATER FOOTPRINT. Introduce practices to encourage water conservation and minimize water waste and pollution.
  • GREEN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN. Work with caterers, suppliers, sponsors, and expo exhibitors to reduce waste and emissions.
  • SUSTAINABILITY SPONSORSHIPS. Work with you to identify and recruit companies to be Sustainability Sponsors of your event.

We encourage our clients to engage with us early in the event planning process, ideally 9-12 months prior to the event so we can maximize the value and impact of your sustainability initiatives. Our services include:

  • PRE-EVENT PLANNING. Work with you to create a cost-effective plan to reduce the event's environmental footprint and work with you to implement the plan.
  • ONSITE SERVICES. FitPlanet staff will oversee the implementation of your green initiatives on race day, manage "green team" volunteers, and support activation of Sustainability Sponsorships.
  • POST-EVENT REPORT AND ASSESSMENT. Produce a summary report of results from the event and recommendations for additional initiatives at future events.

For events interested in earning the "gold standard" in environmental compliance, we can help you earn certification to the Council for Responsible Sport (CRS) standard. To date, we've worked with a number of events to achieve CRS certification including the Big Sur International Marathon and Half Marathon, Birmingham (England) Half Marathon, Marin County Triathlon, Marine Corps Marathon, MCM Historic Half, Los Angeles Marathon, Portland Urban Epic Triathlon, and others.

As a FitPlanet client you´ll receive a monthly email including news about green events and sustainability tips to help green your events.

For more information contact Bruce Rayner, FitPlanet's Chief Green Officer, at or 508-429-0976.