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FitPlanet provides resources for athletes of all abilities to keep you informed, and to help you make environmentally responsible decisions about the events you participate in and the products you buy.

We encourage you to join the thousands of athletes who have taken the FitPlanet EcoPledge and are incorporating eco-friendly practices in their exercise and training plans.

Support Green Events

FitPlanet asks that when choosing your next race you also consider the environment. The first step is to check out the FitPlanet Green Events Calendar, which lists races in North America (and a few in Europe) that have taken our Pledge of Sustainability or have committed to earning certification from the Council for Responsible Sport. Look for the FitPlanet Pledge of Sustainability logo or the CRS logo on the event website - they are your assurance that the event has made a formal and public commitment to take action to be green.

If the race hasn't taken the FitPlanet Pledge, then check out the race website to see what it is doing to be more environmentally responsible. If there's nothing specific about "greening" the race on the website, then we suggest you email or call the race director to ask for details.

Take the EcoPledge

We encourage athletes and non-athletes alike to take the FitPlanet EcoPledge. We'll add your name to the thousands of people already on The List. The EcoPledge is a public commitment to support the efforts of events that are going green. Ask your friends, family, training partners, teammates, sponsors, coaches, and co-workers to sign too. There's power in numbers!

Become an Athlete for a Fit Planet

FitPlanet has partnered with our friends at Atayne to offer Athletes for a Fit Planet T-shirts made from 100% recycled polyester - both women's and men's, short and long sleeved. They're great for training or just hanging out and you can choose your logo: running, cycling, or swimming, or for triathletes all three! Other sports logos and colors coming soon. Buy your custom t-shirt here.

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Want to share ideas, give us feedback, or get more information about FitPlanet? Contact Bruce Rayner, Chief Green Officer.