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A big part of FitPlanet's mission is to connect athletes of all abilities with events and companies that share your commitment to environmental sustainability. We encourage you to support our Green Business and Green Non-Profit Partners listed below. And check out our Green Events Calendar for races that have taken the FitPlanet Pledge of Sustainability.

If you know an eco-friendly business or non-profit that deserves to join our community, please email us at

ENERGYbits(Nutrition/Organic Food)


A FitPlanet Green Business Partner. Visit and use the promotional code FitPlanet to get 20% off your next purchase of ENERGYbits!

Contact:  Catharine Arnston     email
Region: Global



KINeSYS is a B Corporation. The company's Earth-friendly spray sunscreen products are packaged in a fully recyclable bottle, sprayer and vegetable based inks, will allow you to throw the bottle in the recycling box. ALL KINeSYS products use the EarthKind Ethical Manufacturing model. KINeSYS is the first Carbon Neutral produced using "green" sustainable wind energy during production. The company's sunscreens are certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan earning it a PTPA MEDIA GREEN WINNER award!

Contact:  Jeff Kletter    email
Region: Global

People Towels(Towels)

People Towels

PeopleTowels are THE on-the-go alternative to paper towels. Made of 100% Fair Trade and GOTS certified organic cotton, our towels are the perfect option for athletes to carry in events for sopping up the sweat, wiping a dripping nose or drying off after a swim! PeopleTowels come in over 20 eco-friendly designs. They are 9” X 9” and lightweight, yet absorbent. B.O.Y.Towel™ with reusable PeopleTowels and fight deforestation, reduce landfill waste, cut CO2 emissions, and conserve water.

Contact:  Mary Wallace    email
Region: Global

Perfect Fuel Chocolate(Nutrition/Organic Food)

Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Perfect Fuel Chocolate is committed to producing a nutritious product that is perfect on the inside and outside. The palm sugar and the cacao we use in our chocolate is organic and harvested sustainibly without cutting down a single tree. We are launching 4 new flavors this year and introducing compostable packaging for our single-serving healthy chocolates. Our boxes are also made from recycled materials. We don't believe you can make a perfect product by cutting corners.

Contact:  Nicolas Warren    email
Chief Chocothlete
Region: Massachusetts

Pete & Gerrys Organic Eggs(Nutrition/Organic Food)

Pete & Gerrys Organic Eggs

Pete & Gerry's produces organic eggs and is committed to sustainable farming starting with the treatment of our hens. They are fed only certified organic feed with no antibiotics, growth hormones, medications, herbicides or GMOs. What's more, our hens are all cage-free and live in spacious barns where they can move around as they please, lay their eggs in a nest, scratch and roost. We've earned the Humane Raised and Handled® certification, which assures our customers that our hens have ample space, shelter and gentle handling to limit stress, ample fresh water and a healthy diet of quality feed without added antibiotics or hormones, and are free to do what comes naturally, like roosting, scratching and dust bathing. Also, our egg cartons are made from recycled PETE, which can be recycled over and over again.

Contact:  Karl Johnson    email
Marketing Director
Region: North East

Yankz!(Athletic Gear)


Yankz! practices what it preaches with innovative products for sport. Yankz! continues to develop and holds multiple patents for innovative products that are customizable (Yankz! Surelace System, Yankz! PaceTats(tm), and Yankz! Bicycle Fuel System(tm). In 2012, Yankz! released the worlds first recycled bungee cord in the form of it's Eco Surelace product made from RPET woven and PET & SEBS for it's plastic casings. Assembly in Georiga for customized versions are through employment of clients who are mentally and physically challenged.

Contact:  Pierce J. Pape    email
Senior Trail Guide
877-892-6548 Ext. 2
Region: Global
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