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The FitPlanet Business Green Pages provides event organizers with a guide to product and services from companies that share our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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3Degrees Group Inc.(Carbon Offsets)

3Degrees Group Inc.

National provider of carbon offsets with focus on California market

Contact:  Leigh Favret    email
Associate, Origination & Trading
415.265.6776   fax: 415.680.1561
Region: US

AAA Recycling and PF Trading(Recycling / Composting)

Provides waste haulage, containers and bins, including full composting and recycling services, in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Contact:  Paul Frade    email
Region: Massachusetts and Rh

AFM Inc.(Heat Blankets)

AFM Inc.

AFMInc’s Heatsheets® Event Products draws on over 30 years of event experience to provide you with the best, most sustainable hypothermia solution available, in recycling-friendly Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE 4). Sustainable, event-specific solutions include: * Heatsheets-on-a-Roll™ Dispenser cartons - save 10-15% of product otherwise wasted with flat packs because standard mylar blankets stick together. * Reduce product use – Roll counts of 25, 100 and 200 allow races to mix and match and deploy ONLY what is needed at aid stations, medical tents and sweep buses. * Full end-to-end Recycling Program, with local recycling drop points through AFM’s exclusive Blankets-to-Boards™ recovery program with TREX, the leader in alternative lumber products and their thousands of local grocery store partners. * Carton-less Heatsheets-on-a-Roll™ option, plus Heatsheets Rapid-Unwind™ Racks at your finish line eliminate cartons altogether, reducing waste and simplifying separation.

Contact:  Stephanie Deigan    email
President, Heatsheets® Event Products
800-897-9727   fax: 707-658-4401
Region: Global

Ashworth Awards(Medals)

Ashworth Awards

Ashworth Awards provides medals made from recycled metals and lanyards made from recycled plastic. The company takes back unused medals to be used to manufacture new medals at its Attleboro, Massachusetts facility.

Contact:  Dan Ashworth    email
800-325-1917   fax: (508) 695-0377
Region: US



Atayne is a sustainable apparel company that produces 100% of its products in the US using only 100% recycled polyester. Great gear for running, cycling or just hangin'.

Contact:  Jeremy Litchfield    email
Founder and President
Region: Global

BolderPath Inc.(Recycled Products)

BolderPath Inc.

BolderPath is a sustainable services company that specializes in collecting event waste, re-engineering it to maximize its textile value, then domestically manufacturing it into quality second-life products. Mass participation events, such as road races, triathlons, bike races and rides, and charity walks, produce a tremendous amount of waste. Recycling and composting is essential, but so is managing other waste that have raw material value, especially waste that can be made into products your event is already providing. Vinyl banners and fencing, fabric/canvas media, bike tubes, swim caps, wetsuits, bibs, etc. can be used to provide your event with bags, totes, personal accessories, staff notebooks, badges, VIP gifts and more.

Contact:  Robert Bogatin    email
303.318.4252   fax: 303.443.9503
Region: National and Interna

ChronoTrack Systems Inc.(Timing Systems)

ChronoTrack Systems, Inc. is a timing and tracking company that has developed a cost-effective system for timing athletic events including road races using commercially available, EPCglobal-certified, UHF RFID tags and readers. ChronoTrack has developed the single-use 'D' Tag, an all-weather design for attaching an EPCglobal-certified, commercially available RFID tag to the foot. ChronoTrack Systems believes that when you consider the total life cycle of each of the major timing systems, the D-tag has a lowest overall environmental impact. Still, we recognize that because the D-tag is a single-use solution and athletes throw away the strip after the race is an issue that we have a responsibility to address. That's why ChronoTrack has introduced our D-tag Take-Back program for timing providers, event organizers and athletes. The Take-Back program provides bins and envelopes for the collection and return of used D-tags. ChronoTrack will then safely dispose of the units according to industry environmental standards, or reuse the tags.

Contact:  Matthew Shine    email
Region: Global

Climate Path(Carbon Offsets)'s mission is to let you offset and conserve in the way that is right for you. We commit to bringing you radical transparency for each offset project, so that you can decide where your money goes. ClimatePath connects event organizerss to projects that can produce verifiable and measurable results to reduce greenhouse gases, while also supporting positive long term change. We can help model your footprint to pinpoint areas of potential reduction, and even benchmark your footprint against similar events.

Contact:  Dave Rochlin    email
Co-founder and Director
925 297-6017   fax: 267-589-3151
Region: US

Council for Responsible Sport(Event Certification)

Council for Responsible Sport

The Council for Responsible Sport provides an independent, comprehensive certification for sustainable athletic events. By defining realistic objectives and providing a framework for achieving them.

Contact:  Keith Peters    email
Executive Director
Region: Global

Daves Septic Service Inc.(Portable toilets)

Daves Septic Service Inc.

Dave's Septic Service is New England’s top provider of portable toilet rentals for special events. We provide the largest inventory of modernized and affordable green friendly portable sanitation rental solutions for our customers. Our commitment to service and quality has made Dave’s the “Cleanliness Leader” for New England. And we are a locally owned company that understands our customers’ needs. We work with you, our customer, to provide top quality products and services tailored to your unique needs so that you do not have to make any sacrifices. We have been doing just that for over 24 years.

Contact:  Tim Howe    email
Operations Manager
Region: New England

Eco Sports Bottle(Reusable water bottles)

Provider of ecoSportsBottle, high-quality aluminum or stainless steel reusable water bottles designed for athletes and an active lifestyle.

Contact:  Diane Camet    email
619.861.4766   fax: 858.481.6718
Region: US

eMedia Group Inc.(Bibs)

Tyvek recyclable bibs and 'seed' bibs

Contact:  Heather Peters    email
Event Media Sales
864.232.4604 ext. 107 or 877-866-RACE   fax: fax: 864.242.0493
Region: US

Green is Green, Inc.(Compostable materials)

Green Is Green is an independent trade and marketing company providing event organizers with customizable eco-friendly cups, plates and other materials made from environmentally responsible materials that enable sustainability, fair trade, and clean living without compromise.

Contact:  Anders Unruh    email
415-571-8187   fax: 415-532-1556
Region: US

Green Mountain Energy Company(Carbon Offsets)

Green Mountain Energy Company is the nation’s leading retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions. Green Mountain offers residential, business, institutional and governmental customers an easy way to purchase cleaner, affordable electricity products, as well as the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint. Our customers are concerned about leaving a better world for future generations. Purchasing cleaner electricity products and carbon offsets provides them an easy way to do so.

Contact:  Neal Gilbreath    email
Business Development Manager, Environmental Produc
512-691-6195   fax: 512-691-6151
Region: North America

Heart of Vermont Productions(Events)

Heart of Vermont Productions

Organizer of the Vermont 100 on 100 relay, a 100-mile team relay race through beautiful Vermont.

Contact:  Robert O'Niel    email
Region: Vermont

HydraPouch LLC(Reusable water bottles)

HydraPouch LLC

HydraPouch provides cup-free racing products for race directors who want to reduce or eliminate paper cup usage at their events. The revolutionary HydraPouch personal hydrator is a light-weight reusable cup for athletes to use on the race course. The HydraPouch improve athlete hydration, comfort, and performance. The HydraPour is a high-speed valve easily attached most common beverage coolers and turns them into high-speed self-serve dispensers that fill any beverage container in about 1 second. The HydraPour eliminates the need for cups on the course. Cup-free racing reduces volunteer needs, improves course safety, simplifies logistics, saves money, attracts sustainability-minded sponsors, increases athlete satisfaction, and increases participation. Plus it eliminates the largest and most visible source of solid waste – paper cups.

Contact:  Craig McSavaney    email
720.771.7973   fax: NA
Region: Global

iGiftBag(Online Event Bags)


Replace your wasteful paper goodie bag with the leading virtual goodie bag product. iGiftBag offers a virtual goodie bag service for endurance sports events that includes a wide range of digital gifts & deals options for sponsors to use. Premium and an automated turnkey Standard versions available.

Contact:  John Detting    email
Region: Global

Leslie Jordan, Inc.(Apparel)

Leslie Jordan, Inc.

At Leslie Jordan, Inc., we strive to minimize environmental impacts of manufacturing and logistics at every turn through vertical integration of factories, offering Tech T-shirts in 50/50 and 100% recycled polyester, recyclable Tyvek jackets, and accessories including nonwoven drawstring backpacks that are composed of up to 98% recycled materials, and promotion of environmentally friendly textiles. Our company headquarters in downtown Portland, OR allows our employees to bike, walk, and ride public transportation to and from work, cutting down on carbon emissions and promoting a healthy and environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Contact:  Leslie Jordan    email
800-935-3343   fax: 503-295-0939
Region: Global

NativeEnergy, Inc.(Carbon Offsets)

NativeEnergy, Inc.

NativeEnergy is a climate solutions pioneer and recognized leader in the US carbon market, offering services that reduce carbon emissions to fight, global warming. In the latest North American survey of top providers (COPEM,Oct 08), NativeEnergy ranked #1. Since 2001, we have used our distinctive 'help build' model to support the construction of new wind farms, other renewable generators and carbon reduction projects. NativeEnergy offers its customers carbon-solutions consulting services and carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs)..

Contact:  Owen Glubiak    email
Climate Solutions Advisor
(802) 861-7707 x213   fax: (802) 861-7717
Region: US

Recycling Bins Inc.(Waste bins)

Manufacturer of standard and customized recycling and compost solutions for events

Contact:  Scott Gardner    email
Region: US

Resouceful Bag and Tag, Inc.(Waste bins)

Resourceful-1 is the industry leader in providing waste and recycling collection equipment for temporary events! Whether you're just starting a sustainable recycling program for your temporary events or you're ready to achieve the 'zero waste' goal, we have the products to fit your needs!

Contact:  Heather Speck    email
Sales Manager
800-872-8241 ext 115   fax: 708-489-2260
Region: US

Solo Cup Company(Compostable materials)

Solo provides event customers with cost-effective eco-friendly products. The compnay strives to optimize materials and energy, maximize the use of renewable or recycled source materials, and optimize product lifecycle management. Solo has recently certifed it's hot wax 8 oz cups to the ASTM compostable standard - these cups used by Gatorade, Cytomax and others beverage companies.

Contact:  Paul Reilly    email
Market Manager
800-541-2877 x13130   fax: 774-256-9349
Region: US

Take Your Mark Sports LLC(Events)

Multisport Event Body Marking Products (Ink Markers, Temporary Number Tattoos) made with Skin Safe FDA Compliant Ingredients.

Contact:  Rob Craig    email
800-213-9950 ext. 105   fax: 800-213-9950
Region: US and Canada

Troiano Waste Services, Inc.(Recycling / Composting)

Waste haulage, containers and bins, including full composting and recycling service in Maine and New Hampshire. Also provide 'green' portable toilets.

Contact:  TJ Troiano    email
Region: ME and NH

Virtual Race Bags(Online Event Bags)

Virtual Race Bags

Get Your Green On! Virtual Race Bags provides a turn-key, online marketing platform to endurance events, enabling them to eliminate waste and deliver more value to participants and sponsors.

Contact:  Gary Schwake    email
Region: Global

Winning Time Americas, Inc.(Timing Systems)

Winning Time is a chip timing company that understands the importance of accurate event timing and excellent client services. Winning Time offers both active and passive transponder timing systems to provide the services necessary for any event including: Running, Cycling, Biking, Skiing, Triathlons, & Marathons. Winning Time is proud to be officially recognized as a partner of the Environmental Protection Agency's renowned Wastewise Program. The Program works with companies to promote green conscious business practices. Winning Time is the only timing company that was awarded the title, based on their design of long-lasting, reusable timing chips as well as recycled materials. By working with Winning Time, you too can share the benefits of the EPA stamp of approval.

Contact:  Robert Boniface    email
Marketing Director
303.953.8789   fax: 303.648.6598
Region: Global
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