Athletes For A Fit Planet

Green Tips for Athletes

Looking to add environmental responsibility to your exercise and training program? Here are some suggestions...

  1. Take a trash run. Every month pick up the trash along one of your training routes. Get your training partners or club members involved too. Wear gloves and carry a bag or push an old baby stroller with a trash can or bag.
  2. Don't wear so much petroleum. The vast majority of all technical apparel is made from polyester, which is derived from petroleum. Instead of pumping your clothing out of the ground, seek out recycled polyester apparel. How can you tell if it's recycled? Manufacturers list the recycled content on the label.
  3. Race Green. Before you sign up for your next event, check the FitPlanet Green Events Calendar for an eco-friendly race near you. All lists include the specific green practices that the race is planning so you'll avoid getting green washed.
  4. Buy eco-friendly energy drinks. Instead of buying your energy drink in disposable plastic bottles, buy it in power form and mix it yourself. And invest in a reusable hydration system for training and racing. Same goes for gel.
  5. Wash and drip dry. About 70% of the carbon footprint of apparel is the result of washing and drying. And most of that comes from the electric dryer. Hang your cloths out to dry on a line or on the back of a chair instead of running them through the machine.
  6. Share a ride. Every mile you drive produces about one pound of carbon dioxide. Consider sharing a ride the next time you travel to a race or a group workout.
  7. Recycle your shoes. Your smelly old shoes don't need to end up in the landfill. Check with your local running store or do a web search for "recycle running shoes" for an organization that will put them to second- use.
  8. Become a Locavor. Lower your carbon footprint by eating fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. The shorter the distance between farm and plate, the higher the nutritional content. And you'll be supporting the local economy.
  9. Shun paper registration. Pre-registering online helps reduce paper and ink use and saves you time and money on race day.
  10. Take the FitPlanet EcoPledge. Make your voice heard by pledging to do your part to support green races. With your permission, we'll add your name to the thousands of athletes that have already pledged.

Have an idea for an addition EcoTip? Send us an email and we'll add your suggestion to the list.